Digital Safety


1. Protect your identity. Avoid sharing personally-identifying information about yourself, loved ones or perpetrators through social networks and online forums. Doing so can lead to unwanted attention and harassment about a sexual assault.

2. Report inappropriate images. If you receive or view inappropriate or sexual images through text message or online, report it to police or to This can help law enforcement stop a perpetrator in action.

3. Use a secure Internet connection. When seeking help online related to a sexual assault, make sure you are using a secure and reputable website, like RAINN’s Online Hotline:

4. Be mindful of privacy settings. Check privacy settings, such as location services and contact information, when using social media. Be aware that making data publicly available means anyone can see it.

5. Talk with your kids. Be familiar with online privacy settings and help your child set up social media accounts. Laying the groundwork for open communication can encourage your child to share about any unusual online conversations or activities down the road.



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