How to Protect Skin and Hair from the Pool

Swimming can be so enjoyable. It's a great all-body workout that can be enjoyed alone, with family, and friends. For some, it can give a sweet silence to be underwater. Swimming is not weight-bearing, it's easy on the joints for those who suffer from joint pain and discomfort. It is also great for pregnant women.

I regret to say even an activity this amazing has a few side effects. Chlorine in the water can leave you with dry itchy skin and brittle hair. This may not seem too bad for an activity that can be so gratifying. For others like me, this is a deal-breaker. I have eczema so itching more than I already do and super dry skin do not appeal to me. I love swimming so much I stay for hours when I do get in. This video made me happy, I can do what I love while protecting my skin and hair. Hopefully, this video will help you or someone you know protects their body's biggest organ (skin), and hair.

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