• Hillary H

Connecting Over Coffee in a Distant World

In this time of social distancing WAVE would like to facilitate a space for connection. We're going to be working on various opportunities with different topics to connect digitally with friends old and new around town. Please feel free to provide feedback as to time, platform, and where to get word out. Wednesday 25th at 9:00 AM Rikki is going to be hosting a coffee hour complete with work at home vibes of baby cameos and background pandemonium which will probably be very relatable to a lot of people, so come as you are and join in. Invite a friend to join, bring something soothing to sip, share ideas, and decompress with some interaction with folks outside of your home. You can join @9:00 AM over Zoom (so that non-FB people can join) by clicking on the link below. If you don't have Zoom then no worries it's surprisingly easy to install and create a free account on your computer and/or your phone. All you need is an email, name, and password. More opportunities to connect and learn stay posted, they'll be coming your way soon.

Wed March 25th 9:00 AM

To join click here

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