Benefits Of Strength Training

As much as I talk about being healthy, I still have to pull myself out of the house kicking and screaming to participate in something I love to do (working out, going on a walk, etc). My mind has gotten so used to staying complacent even with my body calling out for action.

We all are going to be at different stages in our health journey and that is ok. For some, it's second nature to eat healthily and be active. For others being active is a real challenge. I'm a yo-yo when it comes to being active. When I'm doing it I love it then one day I wake up and don't prioritize being active for 6 months. I'm currently on a mission to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle. I want to hold myself accountable and forge on to have the life I want to live. I want to learn to nourish my body in the right way so I can go on kayaking trips with the ones I care about.

I think to myself a lot," what is it worth to be on a planet with so much beauty if I don't make time to enjoy it." If I don't build enough strength and stamina to hike to the top of a mountain now, then it's going to be much harder as I age. My inactivity will put me at risk for high cholesterol, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and increased feelings of depression and anxiety. I don't want to suffer from preventable illnesses like many people in my family. If I'm not willing to take back my health this is what can happen.

My great-grandma was a diabetic due to the foods she ate it terrifies me. When we went to visit her at the hospital after the many falls she had. We brought her mini Milky Ways that was her favorite candy. The nurse gave them back to us before we left saying," she can't have them due to her health." I was mad at the nurse my great-grandma is in the last stages of her life. My grandma should be able to eat and do whatever she wants. She has lived her life who are you to give back our way of showing her love. It still hurts till this very day. But it's not the nurse's fault my grandma had type 2 diabetes. It's not her fault no one showed her a healthier way of eating and living. As much as I wish she ate healthier I can't turn back time. I'm happy I got to see my grandma at all some people never even get a little bit of closure.

I'm not going to change in a day and that is ok. It will take some time for me to be able to comfortably manage my sugar addiction. I will keep trying no matter how many times I mess up. I want to be at a level of health where I move my body every day. If I don't give up I will get to where I want to be.

All in all, go at a pace that is acceptable for you. Go and enjoy this beautiful world and don't let yourself neglect yourself. You and your health matter.

To site facts(health consequences)

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