Strength training is also for kids

Developing good habits early helps children have one less thing to worry about when they become adults. Strength training is no exception. You might have to get creative with strength training so its fun and less like a workout. You can join in with your kids to make strength training a family activity. This could help normalize a healthy lifestyle that benefits you and the little ones you love the most.

Label it Try New Things Thursday or whatever works to appeal to your kids. If a long walk will not fly with your kids, maybe swimming at the pool, and riding a bike will. Make it a household competition and the winner gets to skip their chore for 1 week. Maybe the winner gets to have a sleepover. I truly regret not knowing how important health is as a child. Not in you need to lose some weight kind of way. In a way that says as a family, we care about our health, eat right, and do physical activities together. I and my mom go on weekly walks and talk (example). We as a family do a dance party every other week (example). I knew as a child that weight gain leads to people sometimes not being that nice. I didn't know that it is a health issue that can lead to a plethora of health issues. Health issues that are preventable and sometimes irreversible.

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