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5 Massage Facts

5 Massage Facts

1. Circulation is increased in the areas that are massaged, bringing more oxygenated blood that helps break up scar tissue and re-hydrate soft tissue

2. Massage helps cultivate body awareness. Physical touch helps our brains check in with those areas on our body we have forgotten about.

3. Oxytocin, the feel good hormone is released during massage, making us feel all around better.

4. A massage can be catered to ALL body types and health conditions. Pressure can be varied, oils used or not used, length of time shortened, areas of the body avoided etc.

5. A few conditions that have been shown to improve with massage include; depression, insomnia, soft tissue strains and sprains, headaches, and digestive disorders.

Facts given by Countney Fearon a local Petersburg, AK massage therapist.

If you happen to be in Petersburg and need a massage here is her information.


I love that massage cultivates body awareness. So many of us have grown up with the no pain no gain attitude. Growing up with a don't quite push past mentality, can be very helpful when it comes to overcoming challenges. It's not as helpful when it comes to remembering to take care of yourself. I truly believed at some point that burnout and complete exhaustion was just life as a human. People work through their exhaustion without ever working through their emotions way to often. So many of us have lived running purely on exhaustion and burnout for far too long. We all deserve to be truly happy for me that means connecting with God, myself, and the people around me. As well as having a safe place where I can be honest about how I feel. Building patience with myself and others is hard at times but makes me happy. I enjoy understanding other's pain and caring about them. I may never know the individuals that read this blog but with all of me, I care about how you feel. The pain in your life is real and deserves to be validated and understood.

So....... I think I was suppose to talk about massage that didn't happen. 😂😂😂 Can you tell I'm in my feelings.

This is my last post on the blog and I feel like this is a good note to leave it on. Live your best life and take care of yourself.

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