30 Indoor Plants that are Almost Impossible to Kill

30 Indoor Plants that are Almost Impossible to Kill

1. Asparagus Fern

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

3. Guiana Chestnut

4. Chinese Money Plant

5. Yucca

6. African Violets

7. Peperomia

8. Air Plant

9. Spider Plant

10. Peace Lily

11. Aloe

12. English Ivy

13. Dragon Tree

14. Calathea

15. Rubber Plant

16. Bromeliad

17. Jade Plant

18. Kalanchoe

19. Ponytail Palm

20. Phalaenopsis Orchid

21. Philodendron

22. Begonia

23. Crown of Thorns

24. Christmas Cactus

25. Pothos

26. ZZ Plant

27. Mother-in-law's Tongue

28. Schefflera

29. Dieffenbachia

30. Cast-Iron Plant

I can kill a plant so fast it's horrifying. I like to tell my self only the strong survive my house. I recently got a good bit of house plants. Before, I would look around the only thing liking in the house were me, my boyfriend, and spiders. It made me fell like i couldn't take care of anything. That really hurt for me, so I started off with starts from friends. Now have 7 house plants and it feels amazing. I like how my living room looks now. It came alive with just two hardy plants.

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