WAVE is seeking additional volunteers for our support line.

What Is It?

WAVE is seeking additional volunteers for our hotline. Training is provided, no experience necessary. Our 24 hour line is intended as a support line. Some calls may be someone having a time of stress that they just need to talk through. We are a supportive ear to listen. We also provide crisis intervention, information, referrals, and support to sexual assault survivors after hours. This may be in-person support during forensic exams or while making a police report, or this may be over the phone on our 24 hour support line. If you only feel comfortable providing support over the phone this can also be arranged.

Training is Provided

Through partnership with Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) and Alaska Pacific University online training is provided. Classes are online at your own pace and on a rolling admission. Students work through the course at their own pace, with journal entries, quizzes, external links, and a final, and must finish within 6 weeks. It takes an average of 30 hours to complete the course and students who complete the course will earn 3 CEU’s. This can be started at any time.

We will also be starting a class to train volunteers in January. It will be a combination of in person classes and online modules. Our intent is to provide the opportunity to ask questions, facilitate discussion and support, and to learn together while also allowing you to fit the independent pieces into your schedule as it works best for you. Learn about support strategies, crisis resources, domestic abuse and sexual assault facts, confidentiality, self-care, and the response team you would be joining. It can be intimidating to hear that training is required but we believe in making sure that our volunteers feel prepared, supported, and appreciated when they join our organization. We deeply appreciate each and every person who is willing to put in their time and care to help make our community a better place.

For more information call the office at 907-772-9283 or email lauren@petersburgwave.org

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