Special Skill Instructor Volunteer

What Is It?

Utilize a special skill (art, music, yoga, cooking, etc) to provide education and support to survivors or a class open to the general public. The special skill events will be co-facilitated by a staff member of WAVE. An example of this would be Wellness Practice which hosts a new activity every Saturday and is free for anyone on Petersburg.

Training Provided

While these activities are less intensive than the Peer Support Advocate position we would still like to provide some training. It's possible that at these events there could some questions about WAVE, the issues of domestic abuse or sexual assault, and the support we provide. Due to this we ask that volunteers participate in 10 hours of training.

For more information call the office at 907-772-9283 or email hillary@petersburgwave.org

To send in your information and start the application process please go here: Potential Volunteer Form

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